• "A Queen for a Day is a combination of superior storytelling and knockout performances. A must for any fan of mafia drama and top-quality theatre."



    "With inherent intensity, Mr. Rubin keeps the tension high. [Ricigliano's] script is informed, well structured, and delivers satisfying surprises."

    - New York Times

    "A Queen for a Day Is Crowned....With blissfully unexpected twists, spectators will be shaken, rattled and rolled. Nothing this effective comes along that often, so take advantage of its offbeat sizzle."

    - Huffington Post


    "Suspenseful and compelling, [Queen for a Day] packs several surprising twists."

    - New Jersey Newsroom


    "If you want an evening of good theater — with an interesting Mob story well-told with solid acting — go see Queen for a Day."

    - "The Sopranos" On Location Tours


    "Proval is believable and heartbreaking. Pastore evokes gasps of excitement and fear from the audience from the minute he appears on stage. A Queen for a Day holds its own and makes any genre aficionado more than satisfied. "

    - StageBuddy


    "Riveting and heartbreaking, A Queen for a Day is a great night out that excites that part of us that enjoys the element of danger and doesn't give you a moment to slow down."

    - NY Theatre Guide


    "With an engaging cast, and a solid script behind them, this is a production full of value. Witty, fast-paced, and with a fair share of plot twists."

    - Theaterscene


    "A Queen for a Day is skillfully written, directed and acted."

    - Front Row Center


    "A Queen for a Day wants nothing more than to deliver 90 minutes of suspense, and it does."

    - Light and Sound


    "Compelling and Powerful!'

    - TheaterReviews.com


    "These seasoned actors bring humor, irony, sarcasm, and pathos to their roles. A QUEEN FOR A DAY sets the definition of family on its ear and keeps you guessing until the last minute."

    - ELJNYC.com


    "Definitely a recommended yes for fans of wiseguy movies, fans of the two leads, and for those of you who enjoy watching drama about conflicted human beings forced to choose between family and themselves."

    - Yelp Review


    "It's definitely a production worth seeing, regardless of whether or not you're a Sopranos fan."

    - The Source